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Attelage de Gué "Mushing"

To live, to do and to share! We are counting on you.
Want an activity with family or friends? But above all an activity that is out of the ordinary.
Want to relax, laugh and enjoy nature with the huskies? Don't hesitate to discover the Attelage de Gué, a place which offers you: baptism in sled dogs (sitting in an approved kart, enjoy 8 dogs in front of you for an unforgettable ride), cani hiking (accompanied by a dog on the belt, we go on a natural hike) and cani mountain biking (want the sensation, to be in control with 1 or 2 dogs pulling you)? It's made for you. Ideal for groups of friends.

Location accuracy

  • Riverside



  • Dogsledding


Place called Gué Moreau
79410 ECHIRE
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