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Géocaching Tèrra-Aventura – "Pic nic douille, c’est toi la pigouille"

Go with Zarthus, the nature specialist, who will help you discover the secrets of the Marais Poitevin and its inhabitants.

This course is one of the objectives to validate the virtual badge “Jeux des Poïz – Deux-Sèvres”.

To be done on foot, possibility by stroller.
Difficulty 1 star.
Terrain 1.
Duration 1h.
Mileage 1.50km.

Good deal: special reduced rate for Terr'adventuriers to visit the Maison Du Marais Poitevin on presentation of the mystery word and the route badge.

Location accuracy

  • In the countryside
  • Riverside
  • Poitevin marsh



  • Geocaching


Home animals

Animals are accepted


79510 COULON
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