Festi'Salbart – Concert de Big Band Jazzy Cool à Echiré

Saturday June 15 at 17:00 a.m.
Château du Coudray-Salbart 79410 ECHIRE
Jazzy Cool Big Band concert.
The Big Band Jazzy Cool sound is a combination of standard jazz harmonies, funky rhythms and blown sax solos. The arrangements are complex, with changes in tempo and style that create energetic dynamics. The compositions add a touch of sophistication and creativity to the music.

Buvette: Drinks, Crepes, Sandwiches….

Entrance fee €7 from 16 p.m. to enjoy the full site before the concert

Accessibility: reduced for PRMs


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Opening hours on June 15, 2024
SaturdayOpen from 17 a.m. to 19 p.m.


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