Festival cirque d'été "Yé !" à Niort

Friday July 26 at 21:00 p.m.
Ice rink 103 Avenue de la Venise Verte 79000 NIORT
Discover “Yay!” by Circus Baobab, a dazzling Guinean circus spectacle that celebrates resilience and rebirth.

Tell about man's capacity to insist, to start again, to invent. What if the corners of a world in ruins became the setting for a rebirth? Another end of the world is possible. This is what these bodies say.

Thrown lifts where women and men are projected across the stage, revisited pyramids where Guinean circus artists excel, Yay! calls us, together, to build a world that will take care of nature and its future.

For students over the age of 7


  • Circus

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Opening hours on July 26, 2024
FridayOpens at 21 p.m.
Opening hours on July 27, 2024
SaturdayOpens at 21 p.m.



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103 Avenue de la Venise Verte
79000 NIORT
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