Les Coréades 2024 – Concert Orphée à Niort

Saturday, October 12 at 20 a.m.
The Armory of the Departmental Council 71 Rue de Goise 79000 NIORT
Orphée aux Enfers, opera – fairy tale by Jacques OFFENBACH;
Eurydice: Lucie ÉMERAUDE, Soprano;
Orphée: Grégoire MOUR, Tenor;
Public Opinion / Juno: Léo FERNIQUE, Countertenor;
Jupiter: Fabrice MAURIN, bass baritone;
Aristaeus / Pluto / John Styx: Thomas LEFRANÇOIS, Tenor;
Diane: Sophie de GUERRY, Soprano;
Cupid: Nolwene MACARNE, Mars: Pierre Louis AGONDJO, Venus: Mickaëlle DRETZ;
CoRéAM Regional Choral Ensemble, Choral Ensemble Chorus 17;
Orchestra of the National Opera of Rousse;

Management, staging: Compagnie de l'Opéra Clandestin and Mireille GAUDIN;
Highlighted by Didier and Sébastien Guiserix;
Musical direction Jean-Yves GAUDIN.

Information and reservations via www.coream.org or [email protected] or at


  • Classical music

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Opening hours on October 12, 2024
SaturdayOpens at 20 p.m.

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The Departmental Council riding school
71 Rue de Goise
79000 NIORT
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