Spectacle L'Odysée d'Alysse, Festival La 5ème Saison, à Le Bourdet

Wednesday, June 26 at 20:00 p.m.
Village hall Rue de Belle Croix 79210 LE BOURDET
Cie Alsand

Street theater | 60 mins | For all

It's called The Odyssey of Alysses, and it's not a copy of Homer at all. Morgane plays Alysse and all the other characters, and Damien is the narrator, who sings and raps. Together, they make the audience sing and play, like rockstars or fierce sirens, telling them a crazy epic.

With the difference that the hero is a heroine, in this show we retrace the entire Odyssey with wigs, pieces of wood, cardboard, rope and a lot of jubilation.

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Opening hours on June 26, 2024
WednesdayOpen from 20 a.m. to 21 p.m.



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