Approaching the Valentine's Day, we often look for something original to please our partner. Last week, I offered you an idea for a stay in the heart of Green Venice, a dinner in a restaurant or even a romantic stroll… This time, I will show you some places in the city of Niort. Places to make a romantic break or why not, declare your love!

From the Pont des Arts to the Ilot Saint-Vaize

Philippe Wall

The Pont des Arts is very famous in Paris, but be aware that Niort also has his own! And yes, the gateway which provides access to Gardens of Roc Mill from the Quai de la Préfecture is called the Pont des Arts. As in Paris, some people wanted mark their love by hanging small padlocks on it. Between the Roc Mill and the small green theater, you can relax, sitting on a bench under the pergolas or on the banks of the Sèvre.

Overlooking the Sèvre, between Place Chanzy and Quai de la Regratterie, the Jardin des Plantes de Niort covers 3,4 hectares. Pathways allow you to walk peacefully and find little ones intimate corners to settle down.

A few streets from the Jardin des Plantes, hidden behind the facades of the houses, is theSaint-Vaize island. At the foot of theSaint-André church, in place of the old Saint-Vaize hotel, a terraced garden hugs the hill. A public garden integrated into the heritage which offers a magnificent perspective on the church. From the top of the stairs, you see the Donjon and l'Hôtel de Ville. A peaceful place worth the detour.

Philippe Wall

From La Brèche to La Roussille

Formerly a fairground then a parking lot, Place de la Brèche today offers a large green space in the city center. For the lovers, we will easily choose the small, more intimate thematic gardens, such as the scent garden, the four seasons garden or the insect and bird garden. An ode to biodiversity!

Further, at the end of Belle-Ile wharf,Comporté lock is a true haven of peace. From footbridge to footbridge, come and relax by the water. The calm of the place is conducive to relaxation.

Philippe Wall

Further still, the place called The Roussille is a little corner of paradise where the Sèvre Niortaise meanders peacefully. Surrounded by water, you feel like you're on a small island lost in the depths of nature. The flowing water and the singing of birds add to the magical side of the place.

And there you have it, some known and little-known places in Niort. But don’t forget: “The place doesn’t matter, when there are two of us”…


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