Le Poitevin marsh and its 4 kilometers of canals offer a ideal setting for fishing. On foot or by small boat, tranquility, generous vegetation and fish are always there. To discuss the subject, I went to meet the manager of the fishing shop “Au Bon Pêcheur” located in the village of Magne. Daniel Roy, the trader, evokes the main reasons which make the marsh wet, between Niort et Arcais, a place of paradise for all fishermen amateurs and experienced.

Romain Gaillard

01. What species of fish can be caught in the Poitevin marsh ?

Daniel Roy: There exists a wide variety of white fish (roach, bream, crucian carp, tench, carp), predators (pike, zander, perch, black bass, catfish). Even if it is rare, the eel is also present in the channels. The marsh is also invaded American crayfish which make children happy, as they are easy to fishing with the help of a scale.

Romain Gaillard

02. What fishing spots do you recommend in Green Venice?

Daniel Roy: Between Niort and Arçais, the Sèvre Niortaise flows peacefully and passes through many peaceful villages such as Magné and Coulon. Old towpaths run along the Sèvre and facilitate access to water for all. fishermen. I often recommend to my clients the Sèvre Niortaise part after the Irleau bridge in the direction of Arcais. The place is quiet and clear. The Grand coin canal after coulon, not very wide and very shaded, is also renowned for its variety of fish species found there.

Romain Gaillard

03. Can you fish all year round in the Marais Poitevin?

Daniel Roy: La fishing of certain species of fish is regulated. This is the case of predatory fish. Every year, their fishing is prohibited during their reproduction period, i.e. between the last weekend of January and the 1ster may. There eel fishing is also closed between 1er September and March 31. For all other species, the Peach is free all year round.

To fishing in the Marais Poitevin, you must have a fishing card annual, weekly or daily available from all listed dealers (store or associations) or on the Internet.

Romain Gaillard

04. As a local merchant, you must have some fishing records to reveal to us?

Daniel Roy: Since my installation in Magne in 1986, he always caught beautiful specimens in the Sèvre Niortaise and recently near Magne :

  • In 2009, a 35 cm pole entered Magne et coulon
  • In 2014, a 1m05 pike near the Magné drawbridge and a zander of around 1 meter near the Irleau bridge!

Fisherman friends, want to beat these records? The Marais Poitevin awaits you!


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