The sun is out, feel it Poitevin marsh Call you ? Come and venture into the greenery, purity and history of the region.

This week, I invite you to discover a small town with many secrets: Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan. Behind this curious name lies an exciting past. Kings, lords, soldiers and many others have trodden these lands. and

Admire theChurch of St. Peter more than 1000 years old that time has only made more beautiful or the wash houses and white stone fountains that the city retains as at the time. It is indeed one of the priorities of the municipality: to keep all these buildings in good condition, to keep this authenticity which makes the beauty of the place. and

Since May 2016, the gates of the municipal park “ The House » are open to the public. A space of tranquility and greenery containing part of the history of the region. Indeed, we can see 100-year-old trees there or even visit a blockhouse dating from the Second World War.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to visit the municipality website.

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