Scofa. But what is hidden behind this mysterious name? Nothing could be simpler, these are the initials of all the ingredients present in this cake. Let me explain :

S like Sugar,
like Caramel or Cream depending on the version,
like egg,
like flour,
like Almond.

The Scofa looks like a yarrow. The leaves are made from a meringue dough on which a cream and chopped almonds are arranged. This recipe was created around sixty years ago by a pastry chef from Saint Maixent. When he retired, he chose to hand it over to sisters of Carmel de Niort. The latter have since shared it with the monks of Ligugé in 2002, the sisters of the Carmel of Bayonne in 2008 and sisters of the Carmel of Lisieux recently. This pastry received the “Monastic” label which recognizes the quality of the product, developed by men and women committed to Christian monastic life.

To convince you once again that you have to taste Scofa, this cake is very low caloric. It has half the calories of an average pastry. So, there is no longer any need to hesitate!

You can buy this cake at Carmel of the Pascal Mystery of Niort in Bessines or at Ruralies store à Aiffres.

With Scofa, don't deprive yourself and indulge in a gourmet treat!

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