As the end-of-year holidays arrive, I invite you to (re)discover an unusual and magical event in the spirit of Christmas and... Poitevin marsh. Let yourself be carried towards the Enchanted Alley!

Forget real or synthetic trees. Here, for Christmas, we decorate a more majestic tree, the king of the Marais: I named the pollard ash Of course ! For the 3rd consecutive year, the Allée Enchantée competition is honoring this essential tree the weekend of December 16 and 17 with the new feature, the opening of a second avenue to the competition, given the success experienced last year.

Morgane Derosario

To have the privilege of decorating a pollard ash tree, nothing could be simpler: All you have to do is register via the festival committee. LaGarette and go choose your tree. There is 45 trees in competition and 40 are already reserved… So, hurry to reserve yours! Participants have two days to decorate their ash tree, give it a theme and a name.

For several months now, the little fairy hands have been working with passion by leading creative workshops to help you create decorations with recycled materials to decorate your tree. In the program : papier-mâché technique, pebble painting, fishing line key ring… Ideas to reuse for decorating your own tree in the living room.

The lucky ones were able to see them at work during the Ash-Tadpole Festival à Amure at the beginning of the month where some creations were presented. A magical moment will await you during this weekend where magic and ecology combine to amaze you.

On the program for D-day:

On this occasion, many activities will be offered to you. A Christmas market poetic and magical, around creation with local artisans, will be held throughout the weekend of the event, but also horseback riding with the Horse House, a walk with Santa, pottery workshop and other surprises ...

Morgane Derosario

For competition participants, a best costume award will be awarded to the one who most resembles the theme of their tree. At dusk, let yourself be carried away by the magical world of the two enchanted alleys and the village of La Garette to marvel among the decorated and illuminated ash trees. Revelation of the winners on Sunday late afternoon.

An event not to be missed under any circumstances, where human warmth and a Christmas atmosphere will be there. 

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