After a week of cold and snow, the weather, now milder, allows us to go outside again. For some, it's still the holidays and therefore an opportunity for a family outing!

Today, I present to you three original routes to discover or re-discover our destination.

01. In Coulon with Baludik

coulon, capital of Green Venice and labeled Petite Cité de Caractère, is an essential stopover in the destination. Using the free app Baludik, choose between two routes, on foot or by bike!

  • A walk through coulon in six stages to learn the history of this village through the Sèvre Niortaise.
  • By bike, you will be guided by the market gardener Alphonse on an 11 km route. In a few pedal strokes, you are between coulon et LaGarette.

To make these visits more fun, at each stage, unlock a clue and solve a puzzle. 

02. À St. Georges-de-Rex with Terra Aventura

Malika Turin

Terrà Aventura is a geocaching application with routes throughout the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region! HAS St. Georges-de-Rex, come and discover the “Les Gardiens du Marais” walk and pick up a clue at each stage. At the end, discover the cache to collect a Poï'z Zécolo and complete your collection!
The route can be done on foot or by bike; it is even passable with a stroller.

03. To Niort with the hiking game

Departing from the Tourist Office, help Lola find her bag!
Lola is participating in the Takavoir festival and has just lost her bag with all the work done. Through several stages at the heart of Niort, collect the clues that will lead you to find the lost bag.
It will take you on average two hours to complete your quest and learn through a few famous people a part of the history of Niort.
The smartphone is not required for this game, but will allow you to access five additional clues.
Le hiking game is on sale for €5 at the tourist office.

Arthur Follin


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