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The Niortais Trail route “The Alleys of Niort"

“To start the day off right, go to the surroundings of the magnificent Niort market halls for a little coffee then slowly head towards the brand new and magnificent Port Boinot.

Nothing better to discover the city than the running, the route not to be missed, the n ° 6, Alleys of Niort.

Florian Monot

Port Boinot

Discover the Port Boinot site, former Boinot chamois and glove factories. 

Program 9.26 km and 77m of elevation gain which is not much but with climbs and descents all along this magnificent course departing from Port Boinot.

A first part along the Moulin du Roc, along the Sèvre Niortaise through the different parks which will take you to the university. The return via the quays will allow you to explore the city center for the first time with a magnificent first series of stairs that are not to be missed. Passing in front of the Pillory you can get a first glimpse of the Jardins de la Brèche which you will discover a little later.

Direction then the famous Venelles (narrow streets) Medianes and Orient which you will discover rather by walking. For those who are more fearful, do not use this portion at night!!!!! The return via Avenue de Paris is not the most pleasant part of the route but it is the discovery of the Jardins de la Brèche that awaits you. Take time in the gardens to admire the Ladies of the Breach located right next to the cinema and go looking for the little Buddha on the way down.

It's by rue Ricard and its famous Bronze Dragon that you are going to reach the city center for a passage in front of Les Halles. The last portion in the heart of the city allows you to admire the Notre Dame church, the courthouse, the town hall then pass right next to the Donjon to reach the quays and Port Boinot.

A magnificent technical course for the more sporty and full of great discoveries for the more curious.”

Idea for a sports day on Sunday : Start it route n°6 in the morning, then sit down for a good meal at lunchtime along the Quai Métayer at the restaurants The beautiful star ou L'Île O' Crêpes, or in the city center at Hanoi or at Bombino, then take advantage of the afternoon to go to bike discovering the Marais Poitevin.

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