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For three days, the Coudray-Salbart castle has reconnected with its medieval roots and immersed visitors in the daily life of the Middle Ages.

The stage is set, you are in the heart of a fortress from the 12th century which was once one of the most powerful and original fortresses of its time.

Julie Forain

In the Lower Court, a doctor explains to us how to remove arrows from wounded soldiers. Stop the urban legends, the surgeons of the time had to guide the arrow so that it came out the other side without touching the vital organs in the process. Then, we arrive in the High Court where the camp presents us with theknight training sword fighting, archery, medieval cuisine but also drinks with olfactory discoveries such as moringa or hyssop! Without forgetting the weaver or even the calligraph which tells us which feathers were selected for writing (the flight feathers!) and that there were some for right-handers and others for left-handers.

Wooden games, horseback riding trails and even a storyteller waiting for you in one of the towers, young and old will be amazed by the sights and ears thanks to the Plantagenet company which has given itself the mission of explaining, through a traveling camp, representing the mesnia of a traveling lord, how the men and women of that time lived. An entire program !

Julie Forain
Julie Forain

We would even forget to take the path to visit the castle from the outside which allows you to discover the architectural treasures and innovations of the time. From the almond-shaped tower through its sheath fitted into the curtain walls, the Coudray-Salbart has more than one trick in its enclosure! Indeed, his ingenious defense device is arranged in a spacious corridor and allows defenders to move sheltered and quickly to threatened points. Who says better ? And since this castle was not the prey of stone plunderers, its state of conservation and its successive renovations make it theone of the best preserved 13th century castles in France and England.

Want to discover the castle under a fun and sporty angle, trail route and a route Terra Aventura pass at the foot of the fortress. I told you, the Coudray-Salbart never ceases to surprise you!

Julie Forain


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