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We will never stop repeating it: The Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination can be visited in all 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, each period reveals what territory brimming with treasures. But today, it is by a winter weather that we want to talk to you about things to see and do in a atmosphere at a time magical and cocooning!

The Niort Christmas market

Le Niort Christmas market has nothing to envy of famous Christmas markets in the North of France. Installed at heart of the city, facing the majestic Niort Dungeon and Halles Baltard, Niort Christmas market attracts locals, tourists and residents of neighboring territories for its warm environment and numerous magical activities about medieval streets from the city. You will discover countless stands oflocal artisans offering you handmade objects or alternatively regional culinary dishes. Can you smell that spicy aroma? It is that of famous mulled wine, traditional Christmas drink which warms the hands… and the heart! L'atmosphere becomes even more magic when night falls and the Donjon transforms into a canvas for captivating light projection. Ce visual spectacle captivating captivates every year spectators of all ages.

Taste comforting gastronomy by the fireplace

What a comforting feeling when you've been cold and you stand in front a fireplace to warm you : this shimmering glow, these soothing crackles, this gentle warmth... Do you have the image in mind? To continue in these pleasant thoughts, adds a good meal based on fresh and local products. At our place, in Destination Niort – Marais Poitevin, the food is like the people: generous. A good pot of mogettes, a eel fricassee, matured goat cheese, accompanied by a good tartine of Echiré butter all this while enjoying a good angelica liqueur!

Restaurants with a fireplace:

Get warm in cultural places

The Épona space – Secrets of our heritage

Imagined and implemented by the conservation of Niort Agglo museums, the first floor of the Dryer Port Boinot comes in a immersive and fun space dedicated to heritage that makes up the identity of the territory.

The Bernard d'Agesci Museum

Le Bernard d'Agesci museum de Niortone of the most important museums in the Great West. It presents over 6m300, 2 sections: Fine Arts, Music (mainly around the luthier Auguste Tolbecque) Natural History et the conservatory and observatory of education. 

Philip Wall

The Dungeon Museum

On the banks of the Sèvre Niortaise, stands a keep with twin towers, formerly located in a vast quadrilateral delimited by an enclosure of approximately 700m. It's the 1st building in Niort classified as a Historic Monument in 1840.

The traditional boat ride for the bravest

Department of Deux-Sèvres
boat trip-in-autumn-niort-marais-poitevin

And yes, with us, it’s a traditional and tradition: it’s all year round! Some piers close their doors at fall but others remain open and welcome you, hand-drawn to help you discover this green maze what is the Marais Poitevin. Embark, open your eyes and listen to him boatman guide tell you the story of these preserved lands. Winter will offer you a landscape totally different from other seasons, you will understand that nature quickly regains its rights, living according to unpredictable bad weather including the famous evail of the Marais.

The piers open in winter:

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