Written by Stella VALOTTEAU

Visitor services assistant

A stroll in a charming village of Marais Poitevin, does that tempt you? And why not go on an adventure? Direction coulon, typical village in the heart of Marais Poitevin, to test the new Tèrra Aventura route!

But what is Tèrra Aventura? A fun way to discover a rich heritage, I would tell you! The concept is simple: follow a routeand walk, guided by a gripping scenario, while solving puzzles to move forward in the adventure. To get started with the Tèrra Aventura experience, nothing could be simpler: just download the free app and select the route of your choice.

“Simple picnic, you’re the stupid one!”

You will have understood, my choice fell on coulon, Little City of Character® and said capital of Green Venice. So here I am early in the morning, equipped with my cell phone, a well-filled water bottle and my adventurous spirit, ready to accomplish the quest proposed to me.

When we undertake a quest for Terra Aventura, we are taken into the story by funny little characters, facetious but knowledgeable, enthusiastic to share with you the secrets of Marais Poitevin. I let myself be guided by Zéchop, Zisséo and Zartus through the quays and alleys of Coulon.

The adventure begins not far from the quays, to the west of the village, then takes me through streets and alleys through coulon, at the discovery of the biodiversity of the Marais Poitevin, but also on the traces of its history, as well as market garden customs and traditions. coulon well deserved his title of “flower village” ! Walking through its streets, you can enjoy its flowered houses bringing color and delight to local residents and tourists alike.

The adventure takes me back several times along the quays, and I take the opportunity to stop for a few moments to enjoy a view of the Sèvre Niortaise, where sail nonchalantly pleasure boats led by our proud boatmen. This adventure allows me to observe the sweet life of Coulon which flows peacefully with the water.

I stop regularly during my quest to solve the puzzles proposed by the characters of Tèrra Aventura. For this, there is no mystery: you just need'observe your environment carefully to detect certain particularities. I find myself noticing many things that I wouldn't necessarily have paid attention to otherwise.

Stella Valotteau

A little over an hour after my departure, I have reached the end of my quest. I enjoyed discovering the rich history of the marsh as well as its traditions. This Tèrra Aventura promotes heritage unique of Marais Poitevin through a fun and enjoyable quest for young and old. The game encourages observe one's environment, to be attentive to details that we would have missed during a simple walk.

If you had any doubts, don't hesitate! The adventure will reveal to you all the secrets of the charming village of Coulon, and will allow you to discover the fascinating and the wealth of the Marais Poitevin.

At the end of this arduous quest, the adventurers leave with a small gift as a reward for their efforts. And here is a morning pleasantly spent in Coulon, without seeing the time go by! What are you waiting for? Become a Tèrr’adventurer!

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