What to do during the February holidays?

The February holidays have come! Generally, many people go skiing during these holidays but we are going to prove to you that by staying at the Niort - Marais Poitevin Destination, you will have just as much fun! consult the entire calendar of events during the February holidays

This winter, take a break at Destination Niort – Marais Poitevin!

We will never stop repeating it: the Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination can be visited in all 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, each period reveals this territory full of treasures. But today, it is in winter weather that we want to talk to you about things to see and do in a traditional atmosphere…

What to do during the All Saints holidays?

The fall season has arrived, the trees are gradually beginning to adorn themselves with their beautiful golden coat. Pumpkins and squash of all kinds emerge from the ground and remind us that in a few days, little ghosts will come knocking on your doors shouting “Tricks or treats?!” Autumn vacation This atmosphere…

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