26 May 20 October 2024

Romagné Racecourse, Niort
From 0 € to 6 €

Get exhilarated by the speed of racing horses trotting or galloping. It's all the more fun because there's never a loser.Romagné racecourse !

The dates

  • May 26, 2024
  • June 9, 2024
  • June 23, 2024
  • 15 September 2024
  • 20th October, 2024

Horse racing in Niort

Founded in 1860, the racing company Niort is one of the oldest associations in Niort.
The first races took place in 1879 in the prairie of Noron. From 1906, a real racecourse is set up Lake Road. In addition to the track, elegant stands were erected, as well as the goalkeeper's house.
It was in 1986 that an agreement was concluded between the town hall of Niort and the association which donates the site to the community in exchange for a commitment to its maintenance for 50 years.
In the 2000s, one million euros, issued by 80% self-financing, was injected by the company into the development of the site with the creation of a bar, a tower, a sandwich shop, additional boxes, changing rooms, a hall for taking bets and a restaurant.

Three trails are set up: one for the trot (1.100 m.), the second for the flat (1.700 m.) and the last for the obstacle (1.600 m.). A fourth for the commissioners’ car has been planned since 2018. The meetings of Niort are classified in second category (from 1 to 3). To access the first, the obligatory investment in starting boxes and their tractor is out of reach.
Its racecourse is highly appreciated by all professionals both for its quality and the maintenance of these tracks – one per discipline: trotting, flat, obstacle – as well as for its reception and accommodation capacity for horses (65 boxes ). Today, the horse racing society organizes 5 meetings per year, or around 40 races. The slopes share space with the Romagné golf course, which guarantees a pleasant environment, preserved and maintained with care and regularity.


  • Access for disabled
  • Children's entertainment (merry-go-round, ponies, inflatable structure, makeup, etc.)
  • Snack and Bar (restaurant, sandwich shop, refreshment bar and homemade crepes)
  • Taking bets terminals and counters
  • Access to professional area


  • Full price : 6 €
  • Reduced price - Free of charge : Disabled Card, PMU Card, Owner Card
  • Free : Women and Children
  • Parking : Free

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