19 July 21 July 2024

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The International Painting Festival, it is one of the first meetings of painters in France organized by Magné Animation, a cultural association supported by the Salons Nationaux (the Society of French Artists et the Violet Salon) and specialized journals (World of Arts) ! Taking place over 3 days, the first day of the festivities takes place at coulon, capital of Poitevin marsh and the other 2 days continue at Magne.

The dates

  • Friday July 19, 2024 in Coulon
  • Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21, 2024 in Magné

International painting festival in Magne


The third weekend of July, the market garden village can only be seen in painting. A true sharing of artistic culture attracting painters domiciled in almost half of the metropolitan departments and bringing together emerging or established talents on the banks of the Sèvre. Today, this festival, cited as an example, is the first in France for works created in competition using ambient motifs.

The course of the festival

The festival begins in Coulon from Friday at 8 a.m. when participating painters must create a works exclusively on the territory of the municipality, on a support stamped by the organizers. Only one signed and unframed work may be presented by participant. On Saturday, head to Magné for the official opening of the festival: paintings, meals and activities are on the program! Then from Sunday 15:30 p.m., the works are exhibited in the Town Hall gardens and submitted to the jury for assessment, chaired by the guests of honor and composed of international artists and Festival partners.


The guests of honor

2 guests of honor will present their works this year at the festival:

  • Stéphane LE MOUËL
  • Véronique DUMONT

Once upon a time “Montmartre-sur-Sèvre”


During an informal discussion between Jean Thébault, mayor of Magne et Bernard Texier, father of the famous painter and sculptor Richard Texier, the idea of ​​a weekend entirely dedicated to art and more particularly the paint begins to germinate.
On April 4, 1989, the municipal council creates an animation commission who gives birth, from the following April 13, to International Painting Festival ; the first edition accommodating 23 easels. 
Its 25th anniversary is celebrated with a bang thanks to a retrospective exhibition bringing together a work from each guest of honor.
And for several years, almost 300 festival-goers are here. More than 5000 artistic representations of the market garden village are now spread across France and abroad!

In summary, the festival is:

  • Near 300 painters received each year and coming mainly from the 40 departments of the western half of France, but also from abroad
  • € 16 endowment total and 41 prizes distributed
  • De 10 to 12 visitors on the weekend
  • 0 € cost for the public,entry is free !
  • Meals et musical entertainment by the Calypso group and laser show special 35th edition

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