01 June 29 June 2024

Community of agglomerations of Niort

Co-built with the municipalities of Niort Agglo“The 5th Season” festival, under the banner of theater, music, dance and circus arts, will make you vibrate, laugh, dance or dream. The festival will even make you want to move from town to town so as not to miss a single performance by professional companies from all over France!
Without forgetting literature in action either: conferences, exhibitions, meetings and writing workshops.

The dates

  • 1er to 29 June 2024

Festival “The 5th Season” on Niort Agglo

Niort Agglo

This year is the 5th edition of the intercommunal festival of live shows organized on the territory of Niort Agglo ! On the program, a beautiful journey for highlight our territory, coulon à Mauzé-sur-le Mignon, while traveling through 21 Commons where municipal teams, partners of the Agglomeration and festival volunteers will be keen toensure a warm and friendly welcome, as part of this eco-responsible event. Between a dense and dazzling opening and closing, you will discover from north to south and from Plaine to Marais, the new recipe for a season full of surprises, spiced with talent and creations.

The programme

Program in progress!

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