Le 28 July 2024


Organized on the last Sunday of July since 1942, this traditional and popular festival invites visitors to admire the parade of boats each decorated with 10 to 15 paper roses!

The date

  • The 28 July 2024

Flower Boat Festival in Saint-Maxire

Catherine Brédif


In 1942, the prisoners' assistance committee organized a fair and a flower boat competition ; the profits thus earned make it possible tosend packages to village inmates held in Germany. The war caused a long interruption for a resumption of the event only in 1950, then further cancellation in 1987. The relay was taken in 1988 by the festival committee which received in 2003 the Grand prize for excellence in maintaining the art of celebration.
To 10 boats, each decorated 10 to 15 crepe paper roses, are in the colors of a different annual theme: “cinema” in 2003, “the History of France” in 2011, “birds” in 2018. Nearly a third of Saint-Maxirais, between 400 and 500 volunteers, all generations combined, is mobilized from January to July, from the manufacture of the carcass to the launching, via the installation of the roses, for the pleasure of the eyes of the 6 to 7 visitors expected !

To sustain yourself and entertain yourself while waiting for the parade

  • Fast food (mussels and fries, grilled meats, pastries, ice creams, etc.) and refreshment bar
  • Entertainment (children's carousel, inflatable structure, trampolines, games of skill, angling, archery, lottery, etc.)
  • Baby stand (changing table, bottle warmer, microwave).
Catherine Brédif

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