01 October 02 October 2024

Place du Donjon, Niort

Le INNN lounge, it is the 1st national event dedicated to Insurtech. It is the new unmissable meeting place to talk about digital innovation, insurtech and risk, in the presence of the greatest experts on the subject. 

The dates

  • October 1 and 2, 2024

Digital Innovation, Insurtech and Risk Exhibition

Coming to the INNN show is an opportunity to meet those who are shaping the sector today and tomorrow. It is a real possibility to access a powerful ecosystem and experts in insurance professions and risk. This is without forgetting the opportunity to anticipate changes in the sector. This will be an opportunity to encourage the sharing of experiences on new ways of thinking and working.

The future of insurance

Over 50 exhibitors, 70 stakeholdersNear 30 insurers and not less than 80 Insurtech European companies, among the most promising of the moment, are expected to discuss the Future of distribution, Open Innovation, the relationship between startups/large groups, the major trends and key players in the sector, and even on-board insurance, health insurance, blockchain andOpen insurance

The programme

Themes at the heart of your issues: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, climate risk, insurtech…

Why the INNN salon in Niort?

Niort is one of the cities with density of digital-related jobs three times higher than the national average.

Niort stands out as the 4th financial center in France with the presence of mutual insurance companies for whom big data has two challenges: optimal service in customer relations and decision-making assistance.

Niort, it is also a nursery where a greater number of digital-related businesses are concentrated compared to other cities of the same size. This position attracts many companies who do not hesitate to set up in our territory.

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