Circuit cyclable 3 – Amuré/St-Georges-de-Rex/Vanneau-Irleau/Sansais

Route details

Cultural, Religious


All the cycle routes in Deux-Sèvres and Marais Poitevin have the same markings. On these markers (wooden planks with a turquoise plaque), the circuit numbers are indicated in black. Here, follow Number 3. The circuits are marked in both directions, there is no specific starting point, you can start your walk wherever you want. Be careful, small paths can be used by motorized vehicles.

Safety instructions – Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. I drive on the right. I respect the highway code. I check the condition of my bike (brakes and lighting). I stay on the marked trails. I respect the marsh, a sensitive and classified site.
DifficultyEasyDuration02hDistance25,9 km
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