Circuit d’Arçais à Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud en écomobilité

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Nature (fauna, flora)


From the kingfisher pier, road from Damvix to Arçais, to Saint-Hilaire-la-Palud, travel approximately 15 km in the Marais Poitevin Regional Natural Park and get to know the wild marsh. A landscape to also be discovered by boat (a flat), in the reaches, channels and conches.
The route follows parts of PR loops. Be careful, some sections are prone to flooding during rainy periods.

This route is offered to you by the Regional Hiking Committee. From a station or TER bus stop, it allows you to join a walking or hiking route and take an ecomobility ride!
DifficultyEasyDuration04hElevation12 D- ​​/ 11 D+Distance14,3 km
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