Germond-Rouvre – Les Farfadets

Some interesting historical sites dot the rugged valleys of the Egray and its tributaries. Be careful, this is also the mystical domain of leprechauns.

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Cultural, Historical, Nature (fauna, flora)


Follow in the footsteps of leprechauns in the town of Germond-Rouvre. The leprechaun or sometimes the fadet or will-o'-the-wisp is a small legendary creature from French folklore, often mischievous. The leprechaun is present in the folklore of Vendée and Poitou

Happy hiking and remember that you are not alone on the trails you are about to travel. We therefore invite you to respect nature: avoid picking flowers and plants, do not leave any trash behind, respect inhabited places, stay on the trails, keep dogs on a leash.
DifficultyEasyDuration02hDistance10,0 km
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