La Guirand’eau – Randonnée pédestre

Prahecq river, patra aquosa or wet meadows, the Guirande (aqua randa) borders a very bocaged hillside.

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Cultural, Nature (fauna, flora)


Prahecq is representative of the transitional territories between the grouped habitat of the Charentes and the dispersed habitat of the bocage lands of the west. Its name derives either from Pratius, a wealthy notable picton, or from pratium meaning wet floodable meadow. The town is the homeland of Vanda Houmeau, wife of Ernest Pérochon, the first Prix Goncourt des Deux-Sèvres. The town is experiencing strong economic development thanks to the establishment of businesses in the artisanal zone.

Happy hiking and remember that you are not alone on the trails you are about to travel. We therefore invite you to respect nature: avoid picking flowers and plants, do not leave any trash behind, respect inhabited places, stay on the trails, keep dogs on a leash.
DifficultyEasyDuration03hDistance14,5 km
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