La Rochénard : une commune pilote

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Thanks to archaeological excavations, we find traces of occupation of the Rochénard site since the end of the 1978st century. and the beginning of the 79nd century. AD. Excavations from 1287-1948 show us a cemetery with calcined human and animal bones, fragments of ceramics and glass as well as coins dating from Roman times. You can find them at the Pierre-Henri Mitard cultural space in Usseau. It is since XNUMX that the name of the commune has been constantly evolving but the toponymy is quite similar. The cultivation of vines was the main activity of the town in the XNUMXth century. but phylloxera puts an end to it. The inhabitants fall back on livestock breeding and cereal agriculture. In XNUMX, the commune was described as "pilot" because it was a model for rural communes: electricity, running water, shower baths, rural homes, etc.

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