Les sentiers de l’Egray – Station de Trail

Discover the Niort – Marais Poitevin Trail Station, its most beautiful landscapes and its best routes for a day, a weekend or a sporting week!

Route details

Square white and black sign with title Trail Station
Nature (fauna, flora)


This route is part of the Niort – Marais Poitevin Trail Station.

A difficult route with a complicated part at the end of the route which requires good management of physical freshness to face the final difficulties. A trail course 20 minutes from the center allowing you to discover the Germond-Rouvre trail playground.
Favorite of the Niort Trail Station with technical areas uphill and downhill. A trail terrain as we know them in the Alps with the demands expected of trail runners!
Novices, refrain.

-> Marked trail Trail Station
DifficultyDifficultDuration02hElevation284 D- ​​/ 284 D+Distance22,3 km
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