Magné de port en port

Take this route of approximately 2 km to discover the village of Magné!

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Cultural, Historical, Nature (fauna, flora)


Magné, from the Latin Magnus meaning great, is the ancient name of a rich Roman family established on an island in the Gulf of Pictons. Bordered by the Sèvre Niortaise and the Sevreau, the village has thrown four bridges over the waterways, the most characteristic of which is the metal drawbridge, witness to the golden age of river trade in the 300th century. This traffic made it possible to export pottery, an old local industry fueled by marine debris, clay from the marshes. Today, the pots have given way to exhibitions at the Four Pontet located on the towpath. The third weekend of July, Magné organizes the international painting festival in the presence of XNUMX artists and thus occupies the first position in France for this type of event!
DifficultyVery easyDuration45hDistance2,1 km
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