Niort et les Deux-Sèvres dans la guerre Franco-Prussienne de 1870-1871

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On July 19, 1870, Napoleon III declared war on King William I of Prussia. The 1st Hussar Regiment from the Niort cavalry barracks joins the 300 soldiers of the French professional army. At the call of the French government launched to all departments, Deux-Sèvres formed the 000th regiment of the Mobile National Guard. It is made up of men who complete the army to defend strongholds. The town of Niort provides equipment and welcomes sick or injured fighters. The French army was quickly overwhelmed by 34 Prussians and Germans, better equipped and commanded. Napoleon III capitulated on September 500 at Sedan. France signed the armistice on January 000, 2 then the Treaty of Frankfurt on May 28, 1871. It ceded Alsace and part of Lorraine (Moselle) to the then unified Germany and an indemnity of 10 billion gold francs .
Duration40hDistance3,0 km
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