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Niort – Le Chemin communal du IIIème Millénaire

70 km to create your cycling route as you wish!

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Moutain Biking


The 2000rd Millennium Communal Path opens its tree-lined and signposted arms wide to you. This green ring road, born in 50, surrounds Niort with more than 1300 kilometers of municipal paths punctuated by more than XNUMX trees. It consists of nine routes of three to nine kilometers each. These cycling routes are discovered in the middle of a landscape of plains, undergrowth and marshes. The most courageous or the most trained can continue the adventure by bike towards the ocean on other trails via the Marais Poitevin!

This circuit brings together the 9 circuits of the Third Millennium Municipal Road. To close the loop, he still has to build a path that crosses the marshes of Saint-Rémy and Bessines. The latter is currently still being finished and marked out. This is why you will find a “hole” on the course!
DifficultyDifficultDuration08hDistance70,8 km
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