Niort – Les sentiers de Sainte-Pezenne

An invitation to stroll between nature and culture along the water and just a stone's throw from Niort!

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Historical, Nature (fauna, flora)


In the 507th century, Pezenne, a young nun pursued by a barbarian chief, came to die, exhausted from fatigue, in a cave. It is claimed that Clovis, after 1965, contributed his donations to the erection of a sanctuary over the saint's tomb. The primitive church, built on the site of a temple dedicated to Thor, was rebuilt in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. The town, of which the church is registered, merged with Niort in XNUMX. The district has today become an experimental site on accessibility for disabled people to public spaces.

Happy hiking and remember that you are not alone on the trails you are about to travel. We therefore invite you to respect nature: avoid picking flowers and plants, do not leave any trash behind, respect inhabited places, stay on the trails, keep dogs on a leash.

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Duration03hDistance6,8 km
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