Véloroute V94 – De Echiré à Bougon

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Green and White
Cultural, Historical


More than 200 km of cycle paths including 60 km of open routes in Deux-Sèvres (20 km from Echiré to Saint-Maixent-l'Ecole and 19 km from Saint-Maixent-l'Ecole to Bougon). 140 km planned to Argenton-sur-Creuse, in Indre.

Not to be missed during your journey:
Echiré and its Coudray-Salbart castle, Chauray and its ancient Protestant temple, La Crèche and its islands of Candé, the Saint-Jacques-de-la-Villedieu chaplaincy of Pont de Vau, the Grand Moulin, Sainte-Néomaye and the mula bridge, the Hermitain valley, Azay-le-Brûlé and its old Ricou quarry, Saint-Maixent-l'Ecole and the abbey church, the quays of the Tanneries, the Coulée Verte along the Sèvre Niortaise, the Porte Châlon, the crypt of Saint-Léger, La Mothe-Saint-Héray and the Orangerie and its gardens, the Tanneries bridge, the Lady of Chambrille, the Abbot's mill and finally Bougon and its tumulus.
Duration02hDistance39,0 km
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