Vouillé : le circuit des Puits

Follow the Puits circuit to discover the natural and cultural heritage of Vouillé.

Route details

Well circuit
Cultural, Nature (fauna, flora)


To the east of Niort, the town with 5 villages (Vouillé Bourg, Gascougnolles, Arthenay, La Rivière and Vaumoreau) unfolds around the green Lambon valley. Although mentioned for the first time in 1271, it has been occupied since prehistoric times. At the beginning of the 2009th century, hemp, grown in the Sieur Moreau valley (Vaumoreau), was used to make thread used to weave linen. The retting of the stems took place in the river. The mansions, farmhouses, dovecotes and dry stone walls rub shoulders with the new town center and the Place des Cinq Villages inaugurated in XNUMX. The rural architecture of Vouillé can be discovered by taking its alleys and numerous hiking trails.

-> Follow the red “Circuit des Puits” markings to discover some of the town’s wells.
DifficultyEasyDuration02hDistance6,0 km
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