Galerie d'art Montfaucon

The Montfaucon Art Gallery opens its doors for the summer in the studio of the painter Ly-Rose, in a barn with dry white stone walls, very close to the Montfaucon pier.
Ly-Rose divides her life between Paris and the Marais Poitevin, her native region. Nicolas Roussot writes: “From series to series, for more than 30 years, his art has explored all the issues linked to the future of Humanity and its environment. Six years in Africa, a time on a Caribbean island, a fascination for the desert, so many threatened lands... Layers which are superimposed on the canvas like (...) the stacked palpitations of the stories of Humanity (...), the “tree and water, order and chaos (…)”.
The gallery permanently presents the works of Ly-Rose, as well as guest visual artists. “Immersion in Green Venice” drawing and painting courses are organized there.
We speak: English, Spanish


2 bis impasse du Balet
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