Nathalie Sabourin, artiste-peintre

Nathalie Sabourin has been exhibiting since 1992 and working as a professional since 2001. She is an Akoun-listed artist who exhibits in galleries, in France, but also abroad.
Facing the Magné church square, her 90 m2 workshop-gallery is a place where she paints, exhibits, gives lessons all year round and painting courses for adults and adolescents during school holidays.
The workshop has two exhibition rooms where you can discover landscapes of the Marais Poitevin, Brittany, Provence, scenes of children's games, magnificent seasides...
The works are varied both in terms of the techniques used as well as the themes or even the formats (small, medium and large).
Also online sales, secure payment and careful delivery.
We speak English


60 Grande Rue
79460 MAGNE
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