Four priority areas of action and positioning of the Tourist Office for the marketing of the territory:

  • First ensure a role of business provider based on the existing offer.
  • Design additional circuits and stays on specific spaces and themes.
  • Target and conquer new customers.
  • Make the Tourist Office known and recognized as major player in the marketing of local offerings (CAN zone, neighboring territories and greater region).

This strategy is broken down as follows:

01. For individual leisure or business customers

The Tourist Office positions itself as a stay “facilitator” and develops actions which make it possible to strengthen the direct turnover of partner tourist providers.

  • Maintaining a selection of gift boxes and “turnkey” stays emblematic of the region subject to the possibility of integrating several service providers for the same offer.
  • Strengthening the Ticketing Offer organized by the Tourist Office according to three typologies “Dry ticketing on site / Half-day or day package / Unusual Visits” and activation of a network of prescribers (mainly accommodation providers).

02. For customers of groups

In liaison with the ADT 79 which continues its canvassing mission, the Tourist Office promotes South Deux-Sèvres by promoting the offers built by local operators in order to strengthen its role as a business provider. This strategy avoids competing with local players on their products and soliciting the customers they already appeal to.

  • Organization of the offer according to three types of products : the “flagship products” (Day in the Marais Poitevin / Lunch cruise & visiting sites / Dungeon & Marais Poitevin), thematic products (nature, Heritage & Hiking) and finally the “stay” products (proximity to major nearby facilities ).
  • Bring together a network of prescribers (information relay) and organize customer relations management between all stakeholders to optimize canvassing actions in particular.

03. For customers Business

The strategy adopted allows a proactive approach to the development of business tourism while prioritizing the conquest of new markets.

  • In terms of seminars: in liaison with consulars, target the construction, agri-food and automotive sectors and approach these networks to offer them the Niort metropolitan area as a meeting place for their teams.
  • In terms of conferences and events: identify potential project leaders and support them with their national authorities to defend the candidacy of the country of Niort.
  • Include the Tourist Office as a major player in this area and build a local coordination organization (networking of large equipment).

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