Pearl of the French Atlantic coast, La Rochelle located in Charente Maritime stands out thanks to its many riches. The charm of its Old Port et its 2 medieval towers emblematic, its cobbled streets, its museums captivating, its international cultural events, his beaches et its gastronomy authentic make her a city where life is good all year round, mixing both tradition and modernity.

La Rochelle, beautiful and rebellious

“La Rochelle, beautiful and rebellious” is an expression often used to describe the city. This expression reflects the rich and sometimes tumultuous history of the city. The city has a long maritime history and played a important role maritime commerce over the centuries.

However, the adjective "rebel" refers to political history from La Rochelle. The city was a stronghold of Protestantism during the wars of religion in the 16th century. The inhabitants of La Rochelle resisted the Catholic authorities on several occasions, and the city was the scene of notable military sieges. The most famous of these sieges was the siege of La Rochelle (1627-1628) during the Thirty Years' War. Richelieu, the French cardinal and statesman, besieged the city for suppress Protestant resistance. La Rochelle finally had to surrender after long months of siege, marking the end of its status as a rebel city.

Thus, the expression “La Rochelle, beautiful and rebellious” reflects the duality of the city, combining its picturesque beauty with its historical past marked by resistance and rebellion.


Top 5 to see and do in La Rochelle

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Old Port of La Rochelle and its 2 towers

Welcome to the Old Port of La Rochelle, a maritime jewel steeped in history. Stroll along the quays picturesque places where the old rubs shoulders with the modern. Admire the two emblematic towers, the Saint-Nicolas Tower and the Chain Tower, silent witnesses of the past. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this port city, where timeless charm operates

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The La Rochelle Aquarium

Dive into an underwater world fascinating to the La Rochelle Aquarium. With more than 12 marine species is one of the largest private European aquariums. Explore the underwater tunnels, marvel at the Sharks majestic and discover the richness of marine life. A captivating adventure immersive offering an unforgettable spectacle for the whole family !

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The Francofolies

Live musical excitement Asked Francofolies of La Rochelle, a captivating festival celebrating the diversity of French-speaking song. Between the busy streets and vibrant scenes, discover renowned artists and emerging. A unique cultural experience, where music comes to life in the picturesque setting of this maritime city.

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The many museums

Explore history and culture through captivating museums from La Rochelle. Of Natural History Museum au Maritime Museum, each place reveals unique treasures. Dive in art, science et maritime heritage for an enriching experience, illuminating the rich facets of this charming Atlantic city.

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Discover art of cooking exceptional of La Rochelle, where the marine flavors meet the French gastronomic tradition. Delicious sea ​​food freshly caught with local specialties, each bite is a symphony of tastes.

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The other curiosities of La Rochelle

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The Halles market

The covered market stands on the historic site of the Grande Boucherie, first meat market in La Rochelle, built in 1443 according to the plans of the architect Brossard. Built in Charentes stone and dated “1834” on the façade, the market, covered with an imposing wooden frame, welcomed its first visitors in 1835.

In 1893, the architect Corbineau supervised the expansion of the building, adding side aisles to the central nave. The use of metal and glass responds to safety and hygiene standards, incorporating materials such as granite, brick and terracotta to preserve the authenticity and modernity of the place.

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