Although it is the smallest municipality in the canton of Prahecq and the least populated, Saint-Romans has been occupied since the Bronze Age (objects kept in the Niort museums). Cited for the first time at the beginning of the 13th century, the village was originally named Saint-Romain-des-Champs. Christian soldier and martyr of the 9rd century, Roman of Rome was celebrated on August XNUMX. Every last Sunday in July, the municipal association of country entertainment organizes its Old-fashioned threshing party.

What to see in Saint-Romans-des-Champs?

01. St-Romain church

She belonged to the archpriest of Melle, her cure was at the appointment of theAbbot of Charroux. In 1536, Hilaire Brisson founded the so-called Brissons chapel there. The modest sanctuary was vaulted and equipped with a small bell tower in 1688. Demolished in 1866, the parish was then united with that of Brûlain.

02. The oratory of La Fragnée

It's the only place of worship in the town. It is made by Jean Cordomi, mason of St-Romans, on the road to La Fragnée, near the cemetery which replaced the old one in 1784. A plaster statue of the Virgin, coming from the church of Brûlain, was installed in 1954. Damaged, it was replaced in 1994 by another in stone acquired from Lourdes.

03. The Puits-Neuf wash house

In the past, women rinsed their laundry with water from the well, which also made it possible, thanks to a pump, to fill two tanks to water the cattle. A washerwoman's face is sketched with a knife on the well by a man who did not frequent this place at the time. The wash house was renovated in 1995.

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