1003 in the Count of Poitou bequeaths to monks of St-Cyprien from Poitiers land of Germundum. In return, they are asked to build a fortified town. The Gallic oppidum of Mothes, located on the ancient road coming from Poitiers, baptized Chevaleret Road in the Middle Ages, was transformed into a fortress. This construction will be ephemeral, only representations remain, but it plays a major role in the conflict opposing the lord of Parthenay to his overlord. Reopens, estate of Gislebertus and his wife Aina, is given to theabbey of St-Maixent in the 15th century. Close to source St-Aubin, we rebuilt in 1896 a Chapel in place of the ruined church. It was only in 1972 that the two villages, with their tumultuous past, unite their destiny.

What to see in Germond-Rouvre?

01. St-Médard church in Germond 

Located on the Way of St-Jacques de Compostela, it was built in the 12th century. by the Poitevin monks and a steeple-porch was raised in the 13th century, a funeral chapel was founded in the 15th century. against the south facade.

To have : a baroque altar coming from St-Marc-La-Lande after the Concordat of 1804.

02. The St-Aubin chapel in Rouvre

She's rebuilt in the 19th century. with stones from the demolition of the Rouvre home, at the location of cemetery adjoining a first church built near a miraculous spring and cited in the 5th century, of which some remain remains. Today, place oftemporary exhibitions.

Other curiosities to see…

  • The Mothes tumulus
  • Luc’s castle (1830)
  • Reperoux’s home and its round tower with the words here nantre pas larron, 1634 engraved on a door, the XNUMXth century dovecote. of Corniou
  • Fountains and wash houses in Breuilbon
  • The former town hall (former priory) and its Louis XIV period fireplace painted in trompe-l'oeil
  • The Easel Path (two hiking trails)
  • The theater festival (end of April/beginning of May)

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