Amure is a village where nature dominates! One of its market garden hardwoods is also classified remarkable tree of Deux-Sèvres. In 2001, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Regional Planning awards a prize to the municipality to reward it for its involvement in enhancing its landscapes by planting thousands of pollarded ash trees and bocage hedges, cleaning conches and ditches and installing tourist signage.

What to see in Amuré?

01. The church of Amuré

Dating from 12th and 13th centuries, the building, partly rebuilt in the 2005th century, was restored in XNUMX. It welcomes a photo exhibition remembering village life in the past. Its ancient cemetery contains tombs from the 18th and 19th centuries in the shape of a sarcophagus and a hosanniere cross from the 1889th century classified in XNUMX.

02. Two megaliths 60 million years old

The new cemetery was built in the 50s around two megaliths 60 million years old. Tradition says that any construction is impossible within their perimeter. Any work done the day before disappears the same morning! Then, discouraged, one of the masons threw his hammer far away, saying to him: Go and find a place where we can work. The tool stops at the location where the church will be built.

03. The Hosannière cross classified as a historic monument

A hossannière cross from XNUMXth centuryclassified in 1889, and tombs from the 18th and 19th centuries in the shape of a sarcophagus are visible in the old cemetery which is adjacent to the parish church. What was a hossannière cross used for? On the Sunday before Easter, the priest read the Gospel celebrating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. The audience paraded while singing Hosanna and placed branches on the lectern placed to the west.

04. Goron Port

Built to encourage exchanges with St. Georges-de-Rex, LaGarette, The Lapwing, coulon et Niort, it offers outlets for local production (firewood, hemp, market garden crops and fish).

Others curiosities to see:

  • The church Notre-Dame from the 12th and 13th centuries
  • partly rebuilt in the 19th century
  • The two magical megaliths of the new cemetery
  • La hosanniere cross from the 15th century (Historical monument) 
  • et the graves from the 18th and 19th centuries of the old cemetery
  • Chantoiseau’s home (private)
  • Goron Harbor
  • Farms and market garden houses
  • The washhouses
  • The old La Gorre peat bog
  • The botanical area of ​​the educational pond
  • Le classified ash

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