Le Vanneau-Irleau, market garden and bocage commune located in the wild marsh, is known for its wood sector specializing in plywood. Lapwing derives from vana aqua meaning vain and vague water preventing any cultivation before the digging of flow channels in the 19th century. Irleau is a contraction of Reau Island where the stakes of a prehistoric lakeside city or fortifications from a more recent era have been unearthed. 

What to see at Vanneau-Irleau?

01. The Saint-Eutrope du Vanneau church

Raised from 1874 to 1876 in the neo-Gothic style, the church, dedicated to Saint Eutrope (the first bishop of Saintes martyred in the 1880th century) was consecrated in XNUMX (conservation of a section of wall of the old church in the construction of the village hall). In 2001 and 2002, the interior was renovated by the municipality and the local community Notre-Dame du Marais (Amure, Arcais, St. Georges-de-Rex and Le Vanneau).
statue of Father de Montfort on the facade in memory of the passage of the Vendée missionary, stalls, paintings of Saint Hilaire and Father de Montfort above the doors of the sacristies, stained glass windows in the apse representing Saint Eutrope surrounded by Pope Clement, Saint Eustelle , Saint Germaine, Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Sabina, hunt of Saint Eutrope.

02. The Grand Port of Vanneau

Located on the conch of the Weasel, the municipal port, restored as part of the Major Works of Poitevin marsh, was once intended for farmers in the upper village and the plain to ensure the exploitation of their marsh plots and to communicate with the Sèvre Niortaise valley. It was forbidden to store crops for more than 24 hours on the quay so as not to hinder the comings and goings of boats and carts loaded with hay, wood or livestock. The Grand Port is lined with willows whose branches were once used to make eel traps. In its extension, a metal footbridge from 1900 provides access to allotment gardens called motte. Between rue de la Belette and the rope (waterway), old farms with double access are lined up.

Others curiosities to see:

  • The Village de la Sèvre and its metal footbridge known as Ségolène, symbolic work linking Le Vanneau-Irleau to Mazeau in Vendée
  • The Grand Port of Irleau
  • Weasel Street
  • The well of the Béchillon castle

Major events not to be missed at Vanneau-Irleau

The water market

The last Saturday in July, is organised at the Grand Port du Vanneau le Market on the water where the products of individuals and merchants are sold to more than 15.000 visitors! This festive event reflects one of the most unique Maraîchine traditions: the transport of men, animals and goods on the tangle of wet roads forming the Green Venice, the authenticity of which it strives to preserve.

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