La soft mobility is an approach to circulation that encourages travel with low environmental impact and promotes non-motorized or low-carbon modes of transport. This includes in particular walking, cycling, scootering, public transport, carpooling, as well as other means of transport soft and environmentally friendly.

The eco-responsible approach and soft mobility on the territory

The Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination as well as the Niort Urban Community put in place numerous actions aimed at preserve a quality natural environment so that future generations can continue to benefit from it and give meaning to their vacation.

The soft modes of transport are highlighted to visit the territory: cycling, walking, public transport in order to access these tourist riches while preserving the natural environment. The major assets of the Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination is its 100% free bus network for locals and tourists throughout the year as well as its network of cycle paths therefore.

These actions are part of the efforts that have been rewarded with the label Grand Site de France and Marais Poitevin Regional Natural Park.

Amaury Cibot


The 100% free bus network

Find Tanlib, the 100% free bus network to travel to the Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination. In total, about twenty lines allowing residents and visitors to abandon your vehicle in favor of public transport.

Tanlib network – Transdev Niort Agglomeration

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Electric bicycle rental

The electric bike is a means of transport adapted to soft mobility on the Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination. Thanks to its electrical assistance, it allows you to travel long distances effortlessly, all in reducing its carbon footprint. Rent your electric bike with Tanlib!

Tanlib – Electric bike rental

or traditional bike rental

The territory has a dense network of cycle paths and greenways, which allow travel easily by bike in town and in the surrounding countryside. Many bicycle rental companies offer traditional bike rental (Including Tanlib), for walks in complete autonomy.



Electric scooter rental

Niort Agglo offers residents of the agglomeration test electric scooters for free in order to promote soft modes of transport. Interested people over the age of 18 can sign up for a 2-month trial period.

Tanlib network – Transdev Niort Agglomeration



Cargo bike

Niort Agglo is expanding its soft mobility offering with electric cargo bikes available for free testing for one month for residents over 18 years old. The bikes have a payload capacity of 80 kg and a theoretical range of 75 km.

Tanlib network – Transdev Niort Agglomeration

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Test the “Roue verte” carpooling application (proposed by Tanlib) to circulate in the territory. This is a free connection offer, users are then free to monetize their services or not.

Tanlib Green Wheel carpooling application

Find charging stations for electric cars

STIV abc

Are you looking for the charging stations for your electric vehicle? Go online or on the app ChargeMap to find the location closest to you and explore the territory with complete peace of mind.

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