It has been 5 years since the initiation of the project, but the result is there: the disused area which formerly housed the Boinot chamois and glove factories is now known as Port Boinot, cultural and tourist place in Niort.

Yesterday, former Boinot chamois and glove factories

Mathéo Reulier

The activity of tannery/chamois making played an important role in the development of Niort industry. Chamois is a artisanal technique of making leather high quality flexible, used mainly for glove making. Niort specializes in chamois since the Middle Ages. Conclusion for sustainable important was allowed thanks to the proximity of the Sèvre Niortaise and the quality of its water. In the 20th century, the Boinot family further developed these chamois and glove factories “The Boinot factories” becoming a real Niort institution.

Today, the meeting place for all Niort residents

The Boinot factories will close in 2005. They were the last representatives of chamois and glove making in Niort. They will be left as is for 10 years, thus becoming an industrial wasteland.

2015 marks the birth of “Port Boinot”. The idea of restore this place to its port ambition, to reconnect the link between the downstream Sèvre and the upstream Sèvre, while taking into account the industrial memory of this site steeped in history by placing everything in a air of modernity.

5 years after the launch of this project, on September 25, 2020, the industrial wasteland of the former Boinot chamois and glove factories became Port Boinot. With an ambitious vision about to fitted area of ​​25 m000, the area now includes 6 thematic gardens and made it possible to reveal 3 emblematic buildings whose the main one is called the Dryer. This transformation allowed expansion of the city center and the creation of a link between Niort, an urban park and the market garden villages with as a link, the Sèvre Niortaise.

Virginie Pegoraro

Port Boinot today

The water tower and the Dryer building.

Discover the Séchoir, a cultural and tourist place on 3 floors

The Dryer is the old building dedicated to drying chamois skins.
It now houses on 3 floors:

Mathéo Reulier


The Tourist Office reception

Find us at rez-de-chaussée of the Dryer building. Also called The Roaming and hiking counter, we welcome you to answer all your requests!

Our tourist receptions

Mathéo Reulier


The Épona space – Secrets of our heritage

Discover this space which highlights the history and heritage riches of the municipalities of the Niort agglomeration.

The Épona space – Secrets of our heritage

theophile-boinot room--port-boinot-exhibition-niort-marais-poitevin
Lucie Delavenne


Théophile Boinot Room

The Théophile Boinot room is located at 2nd floor of the building and accommodates numerous exhibitions during the year.

Théophile Boinot exhibition room

A garden in the city

Composed of vast landscaped area, Port Boinot is the entrance door to the Marais Poitevin Regional Nature Park. It is a We find there:

  • 6700 m2 of grassed areas;
  • 6 thematic gardens including a Mediterranean greenhouse;
  • More than 150 plant species planted;
  • 128 trees, of 15 different species;
  • 180 m2 of botanical pools.

Starting point for many activities

At the end of the marsh


Habitable barges

Sail for a few days on the Sèvre Niortaise between Niort in Deux-Sèvres et Marans in Charente-Maritime on a barge enjoying all the necessary comfort. Make stops in the many villages for discover the nuggets from the Niort – Marais Poitevin Destination.

Cruise in a houseboat

Virginie Pegoraro


Niort Beach

Like every year, Niort Beach settles in town Port Boinot and Pre-Leroy. This summer scheme offers many activities like canoeing, paddle, pedal boat, pony ride, trampoline, yoga… 

Niort Beach and water activities

Lighthouse Imagery


Electric bicycle rental

And if you go to discovery of the territory by electric bike from Port Boinot? Pedal effortlessly over long distances and enjoy the landscape more!

Tanlib – Electric bike rental

Heritage ribbons 2023

FFB – French Building Federation

Launched in 1994 under the name “Winning Cities and Villages”, Heritage ribbons competition distinguishes and reward municipalities and intermunicipalities having carried out renovation operations or enhancement of their built heritage. In this context, Port Boinot received a special “territorial dynamism” prize in 2023 for the rehabilitation of this industrial wasteland.

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