In the heart of the capital of Poitevin marsh, in the famous and atypical village of coulon about Two Sevres, the Maison du Marais Poitevin offers a fun and educational journey to discover the history of this great Regional natural park renamed.

The ideal starting point for visiting the Marais Poitevin

The House of the Marais Poitevin is more than just a museum, it is a ecomuseum. It is an essential place, dedicated to preservation and dissemination of the culture of the history of Poitevin marsh. The ideal starting point to discover and understand the largest marsh on the Atlantic coast: 

  • a visit duration of 1h30 in more than 700 m2,
  • 5 exhibition rooms,
  • the Maraiscope (animated projection on the history of Poitevin marsh),
  • of passionate guides and facilitators,
  • extensive shop and bookstore.
House of the Marais Poitevin

The Maraiscope

A projection of archive images, engravings and contemporary films are projected at the same time as a 15m² model lights up as the explanations progress.

A place for families

The House of the Marais Poitevin is perfect for spend time with family while having fun ! Children will be able to discover the story of the creation of Poitevin marsh, natural region of France divided into 3 departments: Deux-Sèvres, Vendée, Charente-Maritime. Le Poitevin marsh also called Green Venice was completely developed by man. The museum will help you understand the main stages of this building.

You will also learn more about flagship activity du Poitevin marsh : the bark. Before becoming a tourist activity as we know it today, it was above all a means of transport at the time when there were few roads. Cows but also wood were transported there.

Et the pigouille, You know what it is ? To move a boat forward, what do you use? A paddle? Well no, it’s really this funny word, la pigouille, which was used to move the boat forward by planting it in the mud! You will see, several are on display in the museum, they look like large wooden sticks.

The House of the Marais Poitevin, it is also the place that takes us back into the past to discover the customs of yesteryear. You will visit a exact reconstruction of a market garden house of the time. Through real objects, you will understand how a family lived in a single room which served as a bedroom, kitchen and also a dining room.
Don't hesitate to ask when you arrive at the museum the activity book on the marsh paths. This notebook is free and offers various games and puzzles to do during your visit.
The museum also offers educational activities for schools and groups as well as guided tours.

Niort – Marais Poitevin Tourist Office
Exhibition house of the Poitevin Coulon marsh

Temporary exhibition space

At the end of your visit, included in the price of your ticket, enjoy the temporary exhibition of the year.

Each season, the ecomuseum offers a temporary exhibition related to a theme of the Marais Poitevin. Photography, painting, sculpture… Several arts are represented there.

Continue with a visit to the Marais Poitevin by boat

What if you put into practice what you have just learned inside the Maison du Marais Poitevin? Our advice is to continue this visit on the water!
Go by boat, alone or accompanied by a boatman guide and let yourself be carried away by this Green Venice French-style !

Open your eyes wide, observe the pigouilles diving into the water, you will probably see the spectacular phenomenon of fire on the water. You will certainly come across a family of nutria on your way, admire their ease in the water! And then you will arrive in front the famous and legendary house with blue shutters. It's certain, you've already seen it in painting, on postcards or even on television!

Firm. Opens at 14:00 p.m.
5 Custom Square
79510 COULON
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