Escape game urbain « Si Niort était anglaise »

Like a real Kingsman or a James Bond, set off into the city to solve your mysterious mission, a cold case within your reach which has its roots in medieval Niort!

Equipped with a belt made up of numerous gadgets and clues accessible with or without a code, you will wander the streets of Niort in search of enigmas and hidden witnesses.
Duration: 2 hour

Additional info:
– Constitution of teams (based on 5 participants per team).
– Briefing of team leaders before departure.
– Equipment (road book – belts – plan).

For more information, contact the Niort – Marais Poitevin Tourist Office on 05 49 24 18 79


Port Boinot
1 Rue de la Chamoiserie
79000 NIORT
How do I get there?

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