Close to Niort, the town, sometimes town, sometimes village, is crossed by the Guirande. It bears this name in memory of the villa of the Gallo-Roman Afer or the establishment of a Roman legion of African soldiers. With its residential attractiveness, the current commune, formed by the meeting of the parishes of St-Pierre d'Aiffres and St-Maurice de Mairé, gives an important place to culture and community life. The unmissable Aiffricades and its Spring Carnival highlight the town with its St-Pierre church and its 12th century Hosannière cross.

To see: 18th and 19th century castles, chapel of the former priory of St-Clément and “the Bouchet stone” and “the standing stone” (megaliths).

To do: circuit known as Mairé and Espace Tartalin (performance hall).



  • Bar cafeteria tea room


  • Shop
  • Mediatheque


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