Amuré has been celebrating nature since 1996. Every year, at the end of November, it organizes the Pollarded Ash Festival. One of its market garden deciduous trees is also classified as a remarkable tree of Deux-Sèvres. In 2001, the Ministry of the Environment presented a prize to the municipality to reward it for its involvement in upgrading its landscapes by planting thousands of pollarded ash trees and bocage hedges, cleaning conches and ditches and laying tourist signage. This desire for environmental excellence is always reflected in the various municipal facilities. In direct contact with the Marais, Amuré strives to preserve its heritage, both built and natural.

To see: 15th century Hosannière cross, megaliths, Notre-Dame church, Chantoiseau lodge (private), Goron port, market garden farms, wash houses, old La Gorre peat bog and botanical area of ​​the educational pond.


79210 AMURE
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