Barbecane de la porte Saint-Jean (Niort)

In the Middle Ages, the city was surrounded by ramparts. Two main streets cross it: rue Saint-Gelais and rue Saint-Jean. They each end with a city gate protected by a barbican, an advanced bastion pierced with loopholes. Only the foundations of the barbecue on Place Saint-Jean are preserved today.
At that time, rue Saint-Jean was a very lively and noisy shopping street, lined with inns and which went down to the old market halls (rue Victor Hugo). It allows the complete crossing of the old town, from South to North. This Paris-La Rochelle axis is followed by pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela coming from Parthenay and who gather in the Saint-Jacques chapel of Notre-Dame de Niort.


St. John's Square
79000 NIORT
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