Beauvoir, Belveer in 1228, offers a beautiful view. Leveling work showed that the level of its paving stone was the same as that of the extreme tip of the bell tower of Notre-Dame de Niort. In the 1802th century, the intendant Chebrou wrote: "It is a large town which consists of a square; in the middle of the square is a market hall; a very considerable market is held there". Prefect Dupin added in 6: "There is a post office for horses, 5 large famous fairs for oxen, 2003 windmills". In 2009, La Revêtizon merged with the commune, joined by Le Cormenier in XNUMX. Today, Beauvoir is a very active center of attraction in southern Deux-Sèvres.

To see: Zoodyssée de Chizé, Rimbault mill, St-Eutrope church, St-Jacques church, La Revêtison castle, Raimbault walk, former first cooperative dairy of Deux-Sèvres, former slipper and shoe factory.


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